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Article Published September/Oct 2013 - Jets Article Published in January 2013 - Air Forces Daily

Some of Peter's books are available to purchase online from the History Press and on Blurb. The links below take you to each of the books respective pages on the publishers website.

New - Desert Gold

Photographs & Editorial about the Royal Air Force of Oman. Based on a personal tour of Oman and it's bases courtesy of RAFO. Lots beautiful of air to air & low level photography.

Take a Look at Desert Gold

Sepecat Jaguar

This book looks at the history of the British built version of the Sepecat Jaguar whilst touching on those built in France and India. It is an historical document heavily illustrated whilst detailing production and political difficulties. The book needs a sequel detailing its final days and that is sure to come in due course.

Take a Look at Desert Gold

Tornado ADV

The air defence version of the Tornado was the last pure cold war interceptor. Conceived in a time of static defence the aircraft gained few accolades but ultimately grew with the development of systems into a formidable fighting machine.

Take a Look at Desert Gold

Tornado. A History

This book looks extensively at the designated reconnaissance version of the Tornado and its systems. Dealing mainly with the GR.1A and GR.4A versions it also covers the Italian and German pod equipped aircraft and the dedicated Saudi examples.

Take a Look at Desert Gold

Desert Cats

This book looks at the Sepecat Jaguar in use with the Royal Air Force of Oman. It is liberally illustrated with stunning images supported by a narrative detailing the birth of the air force and the struggles that involved its inception.

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Dominie. A Pictoral Tribute

A pictorial tribute to the UK's first business jet in service with the Royal Air Force supported by an historical narrative. The book covers its use as a rear crew trainer from the V-Force days through its move into a more modern day concept. The book also looks at its current day role as a VIP transport.

Take a Look at Desert Gold

Jetstream - A platform for all training

The Jetstream was the brain-child of the UK's last independent aircraft manufacturer that was to fall foul of political manipulation. This book is a pictorial tribute to the venerable aircraft in use with both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy in differing roles. With a liberal amount of stunning air to air images the book is a unique testament to one of the less glamorous aircraft in the military inventory.

Take a Look at Desert Gold

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